2017-18 Novice 8

The SCOP Novice 8 set will be available for mirroring from 14 October 2017 through 28 April 2018. This set will also have an associated middle school-level set, which will be available to mirror beginning in January 2017. The novice set includes eleven rounds of 20/20 (tossups/bonuses) and a half-packet of 10/10 replacement questions.

SCOP Novice’s distribution per round is:

5/5 Science (including 1/1 Noncomputational Math)
4/4 Literature
4/4 History
2/2 Religion and Mythology
2/2 Fine Arts
1/1 Geography
1/1 Current Events, Philosophy, and Social Science
1/1 Pop Culture

The fee to use SCOP Novice is $10/team. We offer a $1/team discount for complete statistics (including individual and separate bonus/bounceback statistics in Neg5 format or SQBS format with Round Report enabled) posted promptly after the tournament. There is an additional $2/team discount if you choose to email or snail mail your raw scoresheets to me for the calculation of conversion statistics by topic. Hosts in developing circuits are welcome to request further discounts, as well.

SCOP Novice is not available to be mirrored in Illinois, where the set is used exclusively for the IHSSBCA Novice tournament series.

Interested in mirroring a SCOP question set? Email Kristin Strey at strey.k.a@scop-qb.org for more information. Our HSQB forum post includes mirroring information and other details for the set.