Answer Doc Colors

To flood the cell with color, select the cell and use the flood tool, as pictured below:

The colors used in the Answer Doc are:

Red: NO DATA – Red means that an answer is needed in this cell, but none has yet been chosen. You may choose your own answer to fit here, but use the Frequency of Mention lists when selecting answers to ensure that you are not choosing answer space that is repetitious. The editors are always available if you have a question about a potential answer line.

Light yellow: Answer Chosen – The answer in this cell has been chosen. This is not always final; check the notes attached to a cell to see if the editors believe another answer could be used instead. If you have an idea for a question to replace an existing answer line, throw it past an editor before changing it.

Dark yellow: Question Claimed – This cell’s answer has been claimed, and a writer is working in it. If you claim a question, add a Note with your name and the date you claimed the question (please refer to the guide for the difference between notes and comments).

Blue: Needs Editing – This question has been completed and submitted to the appropriate category doc, but has not yet been edited.

Purple: Completed, Not Submitted – This should be used VERY RARELY. This is for when a writer has completed a question but for some reason is unable to upload it promptly.

Light green: Completed – This question has been edited.

Dark green: Packetized – This question has undergone final edits, is powermarked, and has been placed in a round.

Gray: Not Needed – No answer is required for this cell. In most cases, this means that this cell’s category appears only once every couple of rounds.