Notes and Comments

Right-clicking on a cell in the answer doc will allow you to insert a note or comment that provides additional information about that question.

In the course of writing for SCOP, you will use NOTES. You will not use comments.

Here is an example of a note:

Notes are unsigned (you must insert your own signature to make it clear who left the note) and are not tracked by the spreadsheet. When you claim a question, you will use a note to indicate who you are and when you claimed the question.

Here is an example of a comment:

Comments are automatically attributed to their author, and are tracked by the spreadsheet.

The number of comments in each tab appears on the tab’s name at the bottom of the screen (as seen in the image above), and clicking in that number highlights the column and row of each comment on the page.

Comments are, therefore, singularly useful to editors. We use comments to indicate when one question must be placed into a round before or after another question on a related topic, or when a particular question must be placed in a particular round. This is very useful during the packetizing phase of editing, so please do not clutter up the comments by using them to indicate when you claim a question. Use notes to claim questions.